Thursday, October 26, 2006


This morning Rachel came up to our room at the almost reasonable hour of 6:10. That's progress as we've just been trying to get her to stay in bed until 6. Dawn actually despairs of ever having a time when we have to wake Rachel up, though I maintain that in 7 or 8 years we'll be fighting with her to be up in time for school.

Since Dawn went off to the bathroom as soon as Rachel came in, Rachel actually came and cuddled with me for once and, when Dawn came back, told her to cuddle with us. For about 30 seconds. Then she asks me, "are you going to have a long day at work today, Daddy?". Probably (we have a major customer deployment, our first, next Wednesday and have to make sure we're ready). "Mommy, how about if we let Daddy sleep since he is going to have a long day?"

Friday, October 20, 2006

Catch of The Day

One of our cats, Nigel, the kitten (he's about 7 months old and almost as big as his mother) is out playing. He and Cynthia (his mother) like to catch mice. No more than Tom does, I suppose, but they've all been doing a lot of it lately. Fortunately, they don't often bring them in the house. Cynthia, so far, reserves that for brown leaves.

Anyway, I called Nigel (who has a tendency to roam too far) and when I went to look for him again found him in the neighbor's yard with something small. The way he was after it, I figured it was a mouse. As I got closer, I thought perhaps it was a very small mouse. That wouldn't be a surprise. Cats are no more merciful to smaller prey than larger.

Imagine my amusement to discover that it was not a mouse, not even a very small one. No, it was a mouse's severed head. No idea where the body is, but I do find myself thinking of the movie Highlander... lying on the floor, next to his own severed head.