Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Reading Between the Lines

From: [one of Dylan's co-workers]
To: [friendly office manager]
Cc: Dylan

Hi [friendly office manager],

Dylan came up with an idea for a lunch and requested (due to his work load) that I pass it on to you.

What do you think of a Chicken Wing Feast lunch for the office some time?

Dylan recognizes that while chicken wings are terribly dis-healthy, they do fill a certain spot in the “must-occasionally-have” section of the food-o-meter. Dylan further states that having chicken wings for lunch instead of dinner mitigates the dis-healthiness of the wings by allowing those who ingest them further time while awake and “active” to … process … the wings.

There is a place, well-known for its wings, and they do deliver. The following link is to their menu and information.

Dylan thanks you for your attention to this idea.

[one of Dylan's co-workers]


My response:

Wow. I didn’t realize this is what I was really saying when I said “I’m not much of a wing person, but if you guys are ordering from there maybe I’ll order something too”. Go figure.

Lying sack of *&#$.