Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Channeling my inner cat

Saturday night I was so tired I crashed at 5 in the afternoon and except for a few minutes at 7 was basically dead to the world until almost 7am.

And what I missed! I wish I could have filmed it. Tom brought in a mouse. He and Cynthia played with it, having a grand old time, while Dawn and Darryl, eventually aided by our neighbor who happened to get home in the middle of the hilarity.

At one point they had a line of chairs so they could walk around the dining room without being on the floor. Of course, that wouldn't really have done much good - later they tried to get into a paper shopping bag by knocking off its perch high up on a door frame...

Ultimately, it went under the refrigerator, so they pulled said fridge out... And tipped it backwards. Our neighbor managed to step on it enough to stun it and then they popped a can over it.

Today when I got home, I found Cynthia playing with the plant on a plate on a stool in the living room. At first I was going to shoo her away. Then I noticed... a mouse on the plate! Not a silver platter, unfortunately.

Dawn had mention considering the idea of using a pair of tongs to pick the mouse up off the door frame, so I went straight for my BBQ tongs...

Only took me 20 minutes of chasing it around 1/3 of the living room before I managed to pin one of his legs in the teeth of the tongs. Carried him that way across the street and let him go.


... And he leaked today, so don't use the white blanket.

What white blanket?

... Is for immediate loading and unloading only

- stunned silence -

Friday, June 20, 2008

MMS Blog Entry

This blog entry is from my BlackBerry, 6/20 at 3:34pm PDT. And can we tag it?

[Answer: no, at least not obviously. I tried putting Labels: Blogging in the text, but that just wound up in the text.]

MMS may have worked after all

Interesting... so despite getting an error message back about how my carrier isn't supported, much later (4:29 am) I got a response with a claim token so I could attach my new mobile blog to this one. As you can see from the 4:29 post titled 'testing', the MMS message does seem to have gotten through. Question is... how long will it usually take?


With mms this time.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


It seems I actually already set up Mail-to-Blogger and neither remembered nor tested it...

[note] I will have to see whether it is possible to include links in the emails... or images, for that matter... could be interesting. Some info, which I haven't read completely, about Mail-to-Blogger at: http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=41452

And notice that the font from the email is different from the normal post...

Trying for Mobile Blogging

Well, I tried to set up mobile blogging from my BlackBerry... I figured it was a simple matter of sending email to the particular address, but I got an error message back saying my carrier isn't supported. I'm trying an MMS message now - I hadn't realized that you could send MMS message to email addresses before. I am somewhat surprised that there isn't a Blogger app specifically for the BlackBerry, considering that I have Google News, Gmail, Google Maps, and a couple of others already. We'll see what comes of it...

[5:27pm] OK, so MMS didn't work either... got the same message. Now we'll see if I can figure out what Mail-to-Blogger is...

Monday, June 16, 2008

They Covered That?

I am listening to the severely limited collection of music I have on my work laptop in shuffle mode, so I get lots of random songs. One minute it's Jewel discussing why she wrote a particular song, then it's Dave Matthews Band's American Baby.

That track is on Live Trax 6, from their Boston concerts in July 06. At the end of it, Dave starts talking about how they've been working on some new stuff and if you don't like it he's really really sorry (great Southern drawl) and if you do like it, "well, you right".

Of course, then as the next song started I was thinking "I didn't know they covered the Beastie Boys"...

No, it's just the party shuffle that got me the Beastie Boys' Girls next.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Spacing or Staring

At some point as we were getting ready for bed the other night, I was either staring at Dawn or staring into space in Dawn's direction.

Stop staring at me.


Stop staring at me.

Was I staring at you?

I don't know, were you?

Why was I staring at you?

I don't know. Were you staring at me?

Not that I'm aware of... .... pause .... Oh. Wait. I love staring at you! Of course I was!