Friday, December 21, 2007

Keeping Track Of Things

So, one of my co-workers uses a notebook (meaning actual pen and paper) to keep track of things she needs to work on and notes about what to do and how and why. She finds it very helpful. For some reason, I'm perpetually amused by how much she writes down. None of this is to say I couldn't help myself by keeping better notes (or perhaps recapturing some of the really good memory I seem to remember having) as evidenced by this exchange today:

her: I just wrote that all down in my notebook for my next to-do list
me: You and you're notebook. I prefer just to forget things at random.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tom, Meet Rachel

We took groceries over to our friends K & J's house and made dinner for them tonight; their son is 4 weeks old today, having been born coincidentally on our anniversary. We told them several stories, including this one Dawn told that I'd forgotten until she started telling it...

When Rachel was very young, maybe as little as 4 weeks old or younger, but certainly before 5 months, since we were still in the old house, we were showing her to Tom, or maybe showing her him. One of us was holding her down very low to the floor and he came right up and sniffed her, as cats so often do.

As he was doing this, completely and utterly without warning, she sneezed right in his face. One of those gooey sneezes that sends several tendrils of spit into his fur and whiskers. His ears flattened out, he lowered his body and flinched away from her, squinting. Then after a moment's stunned silence he jumped away and ran downstairs.

It was hysterical.