Wednesday, September 08, 2004

It's 10 O'Clock On a Wednesday

It's 10 PM. The power's been out for most of four hours. It came on around 8 long enough for me to get around to starting to reset clocks, only to have it go out again a few minutes later. I'm writing this in Notepad to post later. Rachel did OK; she was a little freaked out. I talked to her about being able to see as we got used to it and we walked to get a flashlight.

I had to dress up a little for work today because my boss's new boss is in town. I already told her that I won't bother dressing up tomorrow or Friday since some other people didn't today in spite of being instructed to do so. Partly it's because I wanted to ride today and it was getting late and hot and I didn't want to deal with any changes of clothes. Maybe I will ride in t-shirt and shorts tomorrow and take good clothes to change into, which is what Dawn just suggested.

Anyway, at dinner, while I was still dressed up, Rachel says to me "can you be handsome again, Daddy?" I immediately knew Dawn must have said something about me being dressed up this morning after they left for school, so I said "is that what Mommy said, that I was handsome?". to which she said "yeah. Because you had a meeting today." Then after we got home I said I was going to go change and she says "you don't want to be handsome anymore?" I guess the clothes make the man.

I just called PG&E again about the power outage. The automated system now knows that the problem is from 'damaged equipment' and that they expect to restore the power by between 5 and 7 tomorrow morning. Nothing like getting the power back up quickly. Can't wait to be trying to get up in the morning with no power. Not to mention claiming the cost of the contents of our refrigerator and freezer from PG&E if it can't keep everything cold enough for that long.

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