Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Back in the Saddle Again

I've now ridden to work twice this week. 3.7 miles each way, since I didn't take Rachel. Monday it took me exactly 15 minutes riding time (not counting lights & such) to get to work and about 19 home. 14:04 to work on Tuesday, but then I wound up leaving the bike at work over night so I could go visit my grandfather in the hospital with Elisabeth. After having Dawn & Rachel drop me at work this morning, I rode home in about 17 minutes riding time. I'd actually planned on not riding today, but it worked out just as well to have done it this way. There were a few points in ride to work on Tue when my legs were really burning. I want to ride again tomorrow or Friday. It's felt great to be back on the bike again, both in terms of the fact that I'm finally getting some exercise again, and just that I enjoy it.

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