Saturday, September 24, 2005

Basement Renovation, Part 8

OK, so the basement's not really completely finished. For one thing, I have to get the rest of the new wiretech shelving we want, install it, and get everything that should be in there moved back in from 'Son of the Black Hole'. Son of the Black Hole is the downstairs bedroom... the downstairs bedroom was Return of the Black Hole when we moved in. Before that, one of the rooms in our old place was 'the Black Hole' for quite a while after we moved in there...

Anyway, it turned out that there was something wrong with the new dryer Sears brought us on Monday... I noticed it initially as early as Tuesday, I think, when the control panel didn't light up when I pressed a key and I had to open the door, close it again, and try again. Since it lit up at that point, I figured it was just that the door hadn't been closed quite all the way or something. Thursday night, though, when I was showing Dawn's father the basement, it wouldn't start up at all, so I called Sears and told them I was having trouble and that it looks used because the inside of the door hinge is kind of banged up and I really don't want to have to deal with a machine that has problems and essentially died 3 days after they installed it. So, they're bringing us a new one tomorrow morning.

But that's not quite all... as I more or less concluded after some 'net searching, and as was confirmed by a couple of my more electrically inclined friends, you can't buy a 240-volt extension cord, and you can't get a 240 dryer cord over 6 feet long unless you make it yourself (or find someone to do it). That means the 240 plug is too far from where the dryer is going to be. Fortunately, the electric line for that plug is in flexible conduit.

After Rachel's third fourth birthday party, her grandfather and I shut off the dryer circuit, moved the plug, painted where it used to be, and positioned the washer where it should be. I may still have the Sears people who come tomorrow replace the exhaust hose they put in last time with a 'low profile' one I got at OSH... the low profile exhaust hose is rectangular rather than circular, which means we can push the machines a bit closer to the wall behind them.

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