Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Short Prius Update

I filled the tank today, though it wasn't all that close to empty, because I needed to inflate the tires. The tires were down to 30-35 psi, so I inflated them to 42-44. At least according to my hand-held gauge; the one on the gas station pump was reading higher, but I decided to assume it wasn't very accurate. I guess we'll see when I get a new one...

266.1 miles on 6.823 gallons is 39.0 mpg. The car was claiming 39.3, and I think it's a little warmer today than it was the last time I filled it, so it makes sense it would hold more today than last time. The truck, which we still haven't sold and are still driving more than we planned, would have taken 22.175 gallons, or 15.352 more. At $2.179/gal, that's a difference of $33.45.

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