Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ballet Class!

Rachel had her first ballet class yesterday. She talked about it all morning and from 10 to noon asked whether it was time to go only about 18 times. She was so excited! It was very cute. When we finally went, she loved every minute and grinned ear-to-ear almost the whole time. Imagine seven or eight girls, four or five years old trying to follow the teacher's instructions... First position... fifth position... legs up on the barre... no, hook with your heel, not your knee. Don't forget to point your feet out!

I don't post pictures of her in public, so send me email or a comment if you want to see them...

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tonya said...

How cute! Our little one is bugging us to take a dance class, but finding one that works with our schedules is challenging. I'd love to see pix if you want to email them. :)