Monday, December 04, 2006

Winter Biking

I haven't been able to do as much riding as I would like. Not all because it's winter, in spite of the title's implication.

Work's been very busy, so I haven't gotten to go every time I work at home. Saturday was football parking at Rachel's school; 5 hours of trying to get people to park closer together and where I want them. Yes, that jungle gym is taller than I am, and I am taller than your car. Greater than is transitive. Would you please park there?

Some of the days it actually has been raining, so a week ago Sunday I actually used my indoor trainer. I need to start using that more often. Of course, at the moment, I have to get my bike back. It's having the back wheel rebuilt. I hope Hank and Frank will be finished with it tomorrow. In the meantime, I was reading through my copy of Bicycling Magazine's Complete Book of Road Cycling Skills. Not sure why it's in the training section, exactly, but I suppose that makes some sense. Anyway, it has a much needed section on indoor training regimens which I plan to try. As soon as I get my bike back.

I've done over 800 miles in less than 6 months (since 6/10), and it's been great. Rick and I are plotting our next organized rides: The Tour of the Unknown Valley and The Chico Mildflower (Metric) Century. I told Dawn and Rachel about the Childflower, and we're going to see if Rachel can be ready to do that one (15 miles) with Dawn. In 2008. Meantime, I'd really like to do the Wildflower, but I don't think I'll be able to train appropriately, because I most likely will do absolutely no riding the two weekends before, when I'll be going to Dan's bachelor party and wedding, respectively.

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