Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Finally Ready to Read?

Rachel has long been able to read much better than she likes to let on. I often try to get her to read on her own, often insist that she read words or even sentences of books I'm reading to her.

Tonight she brought home her first homework 'book', which was at best a four page pamphlet, called 'The ABCs'. It contained ONE WORD (the), followed by the alphabet in upper and then lower case. I was rather irritated when I saw it, because I'd already been informed that she read it three times and was ready to be suitably impressed.

Rachel could tell I was disappointed, or something, and so when she asked I told her that the 'book' wasn't even worth bringing home, because she ought to be reading something with at least multiple words. Like ... I said, scanning her book shelves for something more reasonable... THIS! Green Eggs and Ham. The copy we have starts on page 3 and goes to page 62. I insisted that she stop for the night (it was getting late) after finishing page 31. By her self! She didn't want to, either. She was doing GREAT and wanted to read all the way to the end.

Now I'm impressed.

We will, however, need to tell her teacher tomorrow that the so-called book she brought home is unreasonably low level for her and she needs to bring things home that are worth her time.

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