Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Is that REALLY the best solution?

I'm on the platform at MacArthur station. They are apparently having a track problem in the City. As we arrived here, they took two SF trains out of service. It seems they think that's a good way to handle the problem, but crammed onto the platform with several hundred other people, I'm having trouble seeing it.

The next SF train has come and gone already. Of course, it didn't actually take many people - being late, it was more crowded than it would normally be. And meanwhile, more people are arriving by other means and, so far a Fremont train.

Someone near me left a message whereever she's going saying that she figured she wouldn't be in until 9:30 or 10. I said she was being optimistic. I'm not sure if she thought I meant pessimistic or was suggesting it couldn't be that bad. Another person noticed the destination sign saying the next SF train would be in 20 minutes. I said we were doing well because it said 19 a couple of minutes ago. She didn't catch the sarcasm either.

Oh, and this is even better. They've just taken another SF train out of service.


Lilia said...

That sounds like a day in my life. I mean, both people not getting my jokes and missing trains. I got bumped on Caltrain again today.

Dylan said...

I think the final count was 5 consecutive SF trains taken out of service at MacArthur. Not even bypassing MacArthur, but actually taken out of service and emptied!