Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A few days ago, I saw an ad by Microsoft for their business intelligence stuff; naturally, my interest was piqued, considering that is what my company does.

Dawn was watching something live on our Comcast DVR. I suppose there is probably a way to record the video from the DVR to a computer, but I don't have any good, easy way right now, nor time to play with the nearly easy solutions (connect output to digital video camera, then transfer it to the computer).

A few days before this came up, I upgrade the software on my CrackBerry. This was a reasonably easy process, and I didn't lose much. I have found a number of nice UI enhancements, and since I put a MicroSD media card I happen to have into the BB, I can now record video as well as taking pictures. I am sure the quality won't be very good, given how bad the photos tend to be.

Nevertheless, I was able to queue up the ad and record it from the TV on my blackberry and then email it to some of my colleagues.

I found this rather amusing...

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