Monday, July 13, 2009

Now that's a tongue!

I take a lot of pictures of butterflies and birds (and, OK, really lots of things - when I spent 10 days in Yellowstone & Grand Teton National parks last year with friends, I came home with about 650 pictures or something. And that doesn't count the ones I deleted before coming home. But I digress.)

Yesterday, Dawn and I were in the back yard with Zachary and a butterfly fluttered by and Dawn said I should get my camera. We wound up walking down the block with Zachary, and I got a chance to take a bunch of pictures of a couple of these butterflies at a neighbor's garden.I had the camera in auto-drive mode and took a lot of pictures, including several in a row at this point in which you can see the butterfly is feeding and then rolling its tongue back up...

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