Friday, February 26, 2010

Overheard on BART

Kid: is my daddy going to be there?

Mom: no, he's in Oklahoma

Kid: how long does it take him to get to gramma's?

Mom: about 3 days

Kid: do we pass Oklahoma?

Mom: no, Oklahoma is another state.

Kid: a state like mexico?

Mom: Mexico is a country.

Kid: what is a state?

Mom: ummm so on the piece of land that is the United States, there are
a bunch of different parts that are called states and there are 52 and
all 52 have different names

Kid: when is he going to come?

Mom: well when you get out of jail, you don't just get to go to
another state.

Kid: why?

Mom: cuz you have to be on um what's it called? Ummm. It's like being

Kid: how about if we send him a cell phone?

Mom: well our phones won't work there because it's different satelites.

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