Friday, July 23, 2004

New Furniture Friday

I'm juggling delivery appointments today. Our new sofa & "king chair" are being delivered and I've got Salvation Army coming out to pick up the old one. I really hope that they'll take it. Wouldn't put it past them not to. It's in good shape, especially considering that it's about 8 years old. I'm including the green slipcover we've had for it for a year or so because it's a little discolored in places, but I don't think it qualifies as having any "stains" and it certainly doesn't have any tears or rips. I'm going to be annoyed if they won't take it. The timing is the interesting part... S.A. is supposed to be there between 1:30 and 4:30 (I'm 26th on that truck's list) and I was able to get the Harvest Home people to agree to come at 3 instead of between 12 and 2 as originally scheduled. So... if I'm lucky, S.A. will be there first and take the sofa and slipcover and we won't have any problems of space. If they won't take it, I'm screwed. Maybe I'll put it out on the lawn and see if I can get someone to come take it even for free. I've already had it up on Craig's List for a while with no response at all at $250, but it's more advantageous to donate it than lower the price...

Rachel has actually started wearing dresses in the last few days. I think she'd worn one maybe once or twice before last Friday when I took the day off and ran errands with her. We were at Toy's R Us to buy her new baseball bat and started looking at clothes; when I showed her a cute dress she said she wanted it and actually wore it the next day. Then she wore it again yesterday and wore a red one we've had for a while today. She's very cute. Still likes to pick up the hem and show off her underwear, even when she's not really aware that she's doing it. We're working on the flashing, but it's mostly just cute, not a big deal.

This weekend is looking like a busy one. Tomorrow we have music class, Dawn is seeing the accupuncturist, Kara is coming over in the afternoon & evening, and Dawn's friend Cathy is supposed to be in town for a few minutes before helping her daughter move from SF to SD. Dawn hardly ever gets to spend any time with Cathy when she visits. Even when they went to a conference at Disneyland in April, Cathy brought her whole family and spent all her time outside the conference shuttling people around... crazy.

Not really sure what the plans are for Sunday. Maybe I'll take Rachel back to REI to return the helmet I bought when I got her bike. I've decided it's too small after all, so I'm going to return it, but I really need to get a new one - mine is almost 8 years old or something like that.

I'm taking most or all of Monday off to do some stuff on the house including, finally, having another alarm panel put in near the back door. We've sort of thought it might be nice to have one there, but now that I tend to come and go on the bike more often than not, it's turned out to be a real pain to have to go up to the front to control the alarm. I'm hoping I can finally put the motion sensor back up for the porch light so that we don't have to leave it on all night. I suppose we don't have to leave it on all night anyway, but Dawn really prefers it. The motion sensor is nice because it turns the light on when someone walks by and then turns it off again about 15 minutes later, so it is presumably off most of the night. I wonder if I'll actually make a significant dent in my list of things to do?

Hey, look. It's time for lunch!

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