Tuesday, November 02, 2004

It's Heeee-eeeere

Well, as little attention as I've paid to the election campaign, I can tell I'm going to have to fight to focus on my work rather than paying excessive attention to the election through the day.

We can see our polling place from our house, and the first person was in line about 6:45. By the time the polls actually opened at 7, there were at least a dozen people in line, and now there are a dozen people in line outside, besides the people who must be inside. I've seen several people (it's trash day, so I've been out there twice already) pull up and run in to drop off absentee ballots. I'll be doing that myself shortly.

My mother was thrilled when I told her that Ohio courts had ruled that the Republicans couldn't have registration challengers in polling places. Now it seems the Court of Appeals has ruled they can be right outside, which is not much better. My neighbor's biggest worry is how the Republicans will find to cheat... like the Republican funded organization in Nevada that registered people and then tore up registrations of Democrats.

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