Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Despite various predictions and hopes, even more people voted for Bush this time than last. In 2000, there were 105 million votes cast, 50,456,002 for Bush, 50,999,987 for Gore, and 2,882,955 for Nader. This time, as counted so far, CNN reports 59,117,523 for Bush, 55,557,584 for Kerry, and 395,969 for Nader. I assume the rest of the candidates got less than a million combined (such as Leonard Peltier, who got some 21k votes in California, in spite of being in jail). Let's call it 500k even. That's a total of 115,571,076. Basically, what happened, then is Bush got 9 million more votes than last time, or almost all of the increased turn-out, because Kerry got 2.5 million of Nader's votes plus the other 1.5 million-ish of the increased turn-out. So much for the Democratic efforts at registration and motivation.

Obviously, I'm less than pleased. Bush is certainly going to get to appoint at least 1, probably 2 or 3, Supreme Court Justice within the next four years. He's going to throw more of our money and lives (not to speak of other countries' citizens) at the so-called War on Terror. He's going to continue his efforts to ravage the environment and the world for the betterment of his friends. And he's just generally going to make this country less well educated, more fearful, more conservative, and more fundamentalist.

Some interesting blogs I've run across today:

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Mike's Message I'm rather surprised he hasn't written anything since sometime yesterday. Perhaps he's, as one of my co-workers said, too depressed to think about it.

On the bright side, now there will be more chance to impeach him. Of course, with a more Republican Congress than before, it'll have to be something particularly egregious and especially undeniable.

Here's a joke for you... how do we get Bush out of the White House? Wait. Just four more years. No problem, right?

In other news... To top off the fun of trying to manage a diet, especially now that I've figured out I'm not supposed to be eating peanut butter, cashews, or hummus, I seem to be coming down with something. My throat started feeling odd yesterday. I'm hoping various supplements and "sticks and twigs" from our accupuncturist can keep it at bay, or at least from turning into anything big.

I've taken lunch to work three days running, now. I thought Michelle and Duane and I had planned on Wednesday's being days to eat out, but Duane suggested Friday when I called him to make sure this morning. So, Friday it will be. Which is fine, since Michelle's been out sick for a couple of days now.

I went and did some shopping tonight to fill out our meals for the next couple of days... chicken apple sausage, more eggs, lots of veggies (discovered I like Swiss Chard, at least the way Elisabeth made it tonight; don't remember having it before, though I certainly may have), apples, oranges, pears, and frozen strawberries (the fresh ones are 7 bucks for 2 pounds - no way!) Bacon. I know Ann Louise Gittelman (author of the Fat Flush Plan) wouldn't like it much, but that's just tough. Will be having bacon on Friday morning. Ground turkey breast for meatloaf tomorrow. I think we've tried the one from the book before, but it might have been from the South Beach book. Not sure.

Oh, and I started doing push-ups and crunches on Sunday. Only managed 2 sets of 10 and 1 of 6 pushups on Sunday... then 3 sets of 10 monday... then almost couldn't make all 10 in the third set yesterday, but got a little better today. Need to increase the crunches too; I've managed three sets of 20 each day, but I'm only lifting my shoulders. I like to do leg/hip crunches too. And more of them.

But, I'm tired. Good night.

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