Sunday, October 30, 2005

Thank Heaven for Standard Time

I haven't been getting enough sleep. Thursday and Friday nights I didn't get to sleep until much closer to 2am than even midnight, not to speak of 10 or 11 pm, when I ought to. And, of course, Rachel obligingly woke up by seven both ensuing mornings. Arguments about the utility of Daylight Savings Time aside, I'm very glad that the change back to Standard was last night, because somehow Rachel slept until 7am Standard time after I was in bed asleep before 11pm Daylight Time. Not that I slept straight through, of course; she woke up with a bad dream at 2:30 and I woke up for the first time after that around 6 Standard time...

We have a hell of a lot of clocks, though... there are 3 in the bedroom that change themselves, not counting the cell phone; three in the kitchen that don't, though one has a button that does it; computer (changes itself), camera, and two analog clocks in the study; a tivo, the cable box (both change themselves) and my great grandfather's clock in the living room; three programmable thermostats (one has a button that changes it like the clock radio in the kitchen) through out the house; two more analogs, one in Rachel's room and one in the breakfast room. And I've probably forgotten at least one more analog, though it's battery might be dead.

I'm surprised that more of these clocks don't reset themselves, but with the change to the DST rules coming in '07, it's probably just as well. I know the Honda & truck clocks don't, but I'm not sure about the Prius. Guess we'll find out in a little bit... The Clock (my great grandfather's originally, then my grandmother's, now mine) is the hardest one; I can either pull it out of it's alcove, stop it, wait an hour, restart it, and then use the internal levers to adjust the time or I can advance the minute hand in 15 minute increments. Either one is a pain in the neck. I chose the latter method, and the clock is presently three hours ahead of actual time. Only 9 more hours to go to get it set right.

Rachel is trying to write all of the alphabet on a piece of paper to scan and email to Dawn. Very cute.

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