Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Zen and The Art of Single Parenting

OK, it's probably not really an art, and I haven't been at it long, but I'm acting as single parent for a week. A whole week. It's the longest Dawn's actually been away from Rachel, well, ever. So far, no big deal, but it's only the first night. Dawn and I got up early and the 17 y/o down the street came to be in the house with Rachel for a little while so I could take Dawn to the train. She's off to Mexico for a week in Puerto Vallarta with my cousin, you see.

Surprisingly, Rachel was already awake by the time I got back at about 6:20am. Yeni gave her some cereal, and she proceeded then to eat a whole mini bagel and a bunch of grapes after I came home. She made things quite easy and actually asked to go to school quite a while before we would normally be on our way.

At school, she's working on addition, multiplication, and writing. She talks about writing in her journal, and has even brought a couple of them home - basically a log of a couple of things she worked on each day. Sometimes she traces letters one of the teachers writes, and sometimes she actually writes them all herself. Usually, I'm sure that the teachers tell her how to spell most words, certainly. It's a little iffy whether she's actually getting anything with the math yet, but she's certainly progressing, and it's clear that she is working on it. I really need to keep some of the journals...

At some point today, I found a web cam in PV. It's of the beach, evidently near downtown. I am hoping that I can manage to coordinate with Dawn so that they can find where the camera is and write a message to Rachel in the sand. It looks as if they'll probably have to go for about 12-15 foot high letters, or so, in order for us to make them out in the picture. They found an Internet cafe where access is only a buck an hour, so I reminded Dawn what her Yahoo ID and password are. I don't imagine they'll check it more than once a day, if that.

The Prius is really nice. It has a surprising amount of space - more head, leg & shoulder room than in my Pathfinder, and I love the bluetooth speakerphone. The navigation system is not going to be all that useful most of the time, because we are not likely to drive it out of the area all that often. Of course, we're going to Inverness for our anniversary (48 miles, according to Google, which does seem to have the address, though it is remote) and Mendocino for Thanksgiving (around 160 miles - I don't have the exact address of the house my parents rented). It'll be interesting to see whether the nav system has those addresses, and whether it's directions turn out to be correct. The voice control is a little spotty. There were several times when I told it '70 degrees' and it announced that it was setting the temperature to 80. Or, for some reason, it had a lot of trouble understanding 'Stop Guidance'. I need to figure out the touch controls to make it shut up... Also how to turn on the defrosters!

Rachel's already in bed; she started saying she was sleepy and wanted to go to bed at around 7:30. I just hope this doesn't mean she's going to be up at 6.

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