Friday, June 04, 2004

Making Progress, but... TGIF

I just posted two more days' worth of notes on the Yosemite trip: 5/23 and 5/24. One more to go, and then I'll have a final recap of notes and thoughts. Actually, I never made notes in my journal for 5/25, so I'll be doing it from memory; all the more reason to do it soon.

At work, I made a bunch of progress on that infernal project of mine. But just when I thought the end was in sight, I discovered a new problem. Pesky test cases. Have to do them to make sure things come out right, but we didn't make them up in advance, so I'm kinda discovering them now. Not really the best way to design software, but we've gotten lax about a lot of things lately. I wonder if I'd be happier if I made a point of getting myself back on track? Probably in the long run it would be better to be back in those habits before I try to find another job, but as long as I'm in this one, I am just not sure I care enough.

Did not ride my bike this morning. It was just as well; I was up so late writing last night that I could barely manage to get up in time to get ready at a reasonable hour. Rachel did say that she wanted to go to the store to get a new BBQ grill with me tonight, though, so I got to pick her up as well as take her in the morning. But then I was running late, so Dawn met me there. Rachel looked tired. I think she was hungry. She spent a LOT of time at school this week, in spite of the holiday - four straight very long days. I think she also was ready to be home for a couple of days, so she went home with Dawn and I went to Home Despot. Looked at grills. Actually stopped at OSH on the way over there. Looked at grills there too. Decided on a $450 Weber. Very nice. Sturdy. Stable. Too bad I only noticed that it was for a natural gas line AFTER I got it home. Took it back. They didn't have the same model for propane, so I went back to OSH, just to see if they did.

They did. Almost got it. Except that the cashier in the tool corral says to me as I look at them, "are you going to buy one?" I'm thinking about it. "Well, think about it on no-tax weekend." Excuse me? I don't quite hear her, and think she's annoyed because it's almost closing and I'm standing there looking at grills. I suppose that could be very time consuming with some people. "You should really think about it on no-tax weekend." This time I hear AND understand what she's saying and realize that I heard her the first time, it just didn't register. When is no-tax weekend? "Not this weekend, I don't think; next weekend." Oh! Well, thank you very much for the warning! Have a good night.

It's a nice grill. I'm a little disappointed we won't have it tomorrow when John, Dan and Karolyn will all be over for our last BBQ before Dan's next test. He's going under for studying, really starting tonight, and after tomorrow night those of us who don't have him as a roommate probably aren't going to see much of him for the next two months. Dan lives with John, who has very generously offered to have him stay as long as he needs, rent free; I'm not surprised, as I think Dan is... that's John. Dawn and I had initially made more or less the same offer, though the plan was that he'd start paying rent once he was working... then he moved to John's to take the burden off us for a while, which we also appreciated. I assume he knows he's welcome here if he feels he's been at John's too long. But I digress. The grill. Yes, the grill is pretty nice. Looking forward to no-tax weekend.

And now... to bed.

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