Monday, June 07, 2004

Persistently Vegetative Fruitiness?

I've now ridden my bike for at least a couple of miles every day but one (last Friday) since I got the bike seat for Rachel on 5/30. It feels good. Taking Friday off from riding may have been good because I felt a lot better when we went out on Saturday. Rode to Barney's again. Have to make that less frequent. In fact, I probably won't be back there for at least a month. I'm finished with the Candex diet, but now I'm doing another cleansing diet my accupuncturist wants me to do. Dan thinks she's a quack, but the changes in my health since I started seeing her in February have been significant and dramatic. This diet is fruit & vegetables only for 4 weeks. Along with some supplements. The idea is to continue to remove various toxins from my system so that it is easier to maintain a reasonable weight with reasonable, healthy eating habits after we're finished. Day One hasn't been bad so far. Had a couple of nectarines for breakfast and a salad from the build-your-own place in the next building over. Given that Dawn and I are both going to be home a little late, we'll probably wind up going to our favorite salad place for dinner tonight. Rachel likes it too, and it's cheap, so that's probably the plan.

And there's more to the grill saga. I was talking to Rachel in the few days before going to (attempt to) get the new grill about it, and she said she wanted a purple one. I don't think they make purple grills. Green! I don't think they make green grills either. Blue! At this point, I didn't really want to have her continue to rattle off every color she likes, so I said "well, we'll have to see what they have". Figured the options would be black and stainless. Any color you want as long as it's... black or stainless. No. The Vermont Castings grill that Consumer Reports lists as a best buy and rates better than the one I tried to get and is $50 CHEAPER than the Weber, well... it has a blue hood. Go figure. I guess we're getting a blue grill after all. Have to call around to see if there's a Home Depot that has one in the area.

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