Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Ridin' With Rachel

Had another BBQ last night; impromptu this time. We were supposed to go to a friend's 9th annual Memorial Day BBQ with John, but thought it was in the late afternoon until evening... then we discovered at 4 that it was 1-5, so we just had John and Elisabeth come over. Much easier anyway. Until the part where the grill suddenly had flames shooting out the front. Hmm. That's interesting. Looks like a dragon. Wonder how we suddenly have grease spraying out the front. Open it. No, no grease, those flames are coming straight up from underneath. The grease can underneath? No. Oh SHIT! It's leaking from behind the nobs. We'll just close the propane tank. Honey!? We're getting a new grill after all!

I took Rachel to school on the bike this morning. It's about 2.5 miles from home to her school. We take Berkeley's very cool Bicycle Boulevards, side streets designated for bikes with speed bumps and other 'traffic calming' measures. After 15 minutes of telling her teachers about her new bike seat and 'hel-uh-met' and playing stepstones (we set up a bunch of IKEA step stools in various patterns & distances and she walks over them a few times, giving me a hug when she gets to my end before going around to go again), I headed for work via the new pedestrian overcrossing over I-80 near University. It's a little out of the way to go that way, but a lot safer than most of the alternatives, as I'm on the frontage road's bike path (not IN the road) for the majority of the trip. It's about another 3 miles and, presto, I've biked over 5 miles already today!

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