Monday, August 08, 2005

Bye-bye, Baby, Bye-bye

Rachel's been using a lot of baby talk lately. It's actually pretty annoying most of the time. We think she's probably sort of become aware of the change in herself from baby to non-baby, and she may be mourning or acknowledging that. But what's really funny is that she keeps asking about how she said things "when (she) was a baby". I talked about some of the words she used then, but am particularly reminded about it now, since she's been asking so much lately.

I always loved when she said "di-do-daddy" (thank you daddy). It was very musical. We never corrected her pronunciation of yello (lello), and she actually only started saying it correctly a few weeks ago. This morning, she painted a rectangle by drawing the outline around a card. It's actually kinda cool looking, but the best part is that she showed it to me and announced that it is a "reptangle". She even wrote her name on it, so Dawn wrote "Reptangle" and the date.

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