Thursday, August 25, 2005

Knew It Would Happen Eventually

I knew Rachel would get too big for the bike seat we have eventually. I don't really know for sure that happened yet, but the seat is rated for 40 lbs, and I assume part of that is to keep the weight on the bike itself from getting too high. Add the fact that I weigh 250, and we're putting a heck of a lot of weight back there. So, I sort of assume that's what happened, or, at least, I'm not sure I want to risk it again. By the time I get the bike back, it'll have been a week since I rode it.

This leads me back to the fact that I want a new mountain bike. Or, at least, I need to have an alternate bike so that I can ride when this bike is in the shop. I'm thinking about taking Dawn's back, putting the old neck back on it, and raising the seat again. She wants a new one, and it's really probably more important for her right now. I don't really see buying myself a new bike this late in the season. Hmmm...

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