Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Anti-Raisin

We ran out of raisins a week or so ago. Who knew what trouble this would cause? The real amusement, though, has been in how hard it has turned out to be to replenish our supply. As of yesterday morning, Dawn and Darryl have forgotten raisins on at least three different shopping trips, so when I went to do some shopping for the BBQ we were going to, Dawn put raisins on my list. Darryl usually has raisins in his oatmeal and Rachel likes ants on a log. For the BBQ, though, Dawn was planning on making cole slaw, and needed raisins. Naturally, Rachel and I forgot them despite their presence on my little list.

Fine, so we'll stop by the store on the way to the BBQ and get some, no big deal. I also wanted to pick up some drinks. By the time we got to John & Karolyn's, it had become abundantly clear that we were going to have enough food to sink a ship, so Dawn didn't bother making the slaw.

Cut to this morning as Darryl was trying to make his oatmeal concoction.

Darryl: Where are the raisins?

Dawn: I don't know... Dylan?

Dylan: I don't know, I didn't unpack them. They were in the bag with the cole slaw stuff.

Dawn: Do you see any bags left to be unpacked?

Dylan: No. Wait. They weren't in the bag with the slaw stuff, they were in the bag with the drinks... which didn't come home with us.

Clearly Dawn's conclusion that we are the Anti-Raisin Household is correct. Some mystical force is preventing raisins from coming to our house!

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