Thursday, July 10, 2008


I'm standing in the BART station closest to my office in San Francisco. As I walked on to the escalator down to the platform, they were saying over the PA that there's another train directly behind this one... And reminding people in stern tones to stand behind the yellow safety strip. Never a good sign.

So I got down to the platform as a train was closing its doors. The paltform was somewhat crowded, but not ridiculously so. Rumor has it that was a Pittsburg train. As soon as that one left, another came. I got on that one fairly easily.

Then came the trouble closing the doors. Then the operator had to leave the cab to lock the door that wouldn't close. THEN they took the train out of service.

Next in was a Richmond train... It started to seem as if something was wrong when the sign said it was 10 cars but it ended before the back of the station. After a moment, they annoinced it was having a mechanical problem and wouldn't open its doors. It left fairly promptly after that. I think that's 3 straight trains leaving without picking anyone up. From what they're saying on the PA, it sounds as if they've locked the entry gates because it is so crowded down here.

The next train in was another Pittsburgh train, but I couldn't squeeze on. There were many pleas and dire warnings not to hold the doors open. The train managed to leave, to many cheers, as did the next, a Dublin train. I am now stepping onto a Pittsburgh, which will surely be chock full. And there's a woman here with her bike...not allowed at this hour.

I overheard a guy after the 2nd train telling someone on his cell phone that it is laughable. Most people are being fairly good natured about it. So far.

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