Thursday, August 05, 2004

Bike Work...

OK, so I didn't pay much for this Cat Eye Mity 3 speedometer I have, so I don't really expect a lot from it. I also know that I may not have it calibrated perfectly to the tire size, but I'm working on requirements for a new one...

1. cadence monitor
2. multiple (i.e. more than 2) trip monitors - right now if I clear the primary during the trip I get 2, but I really want 4 or more
3. elapsed time as well as actual time in motion
4. each trip monitor should store distance, av & max speeds, and travel & elapsed times

I also need to do some work on my bike. I don't think I really need to buy a new one. I want a new one, but I certainly can't justify a new mtn bike unless I'm going to put a rack for Rachel's seat on it. If I don't do that, then I would only ride it when I'm not taking her somewhere, and that means not most weekdays. I don't really need a new road bike either; the one I have is in fairly good shape. It needs at least a couple of things done to it; primarily an overhaul, new (wider) handlebars to accomodate how wide my shoulders are, and possibly new brake levers - the levers are probably long enough, but the hoods are small for my hands. I suppose that new handlebars may also take care of that by virtue of being longer just above the hoods. I really want to put a shock seat post on it like the one on Dawn's bike, and I ought to get a new seat as well. From there, I think it's just adjustments... the seat probably could be a little bit higher than it is, and may need to be moved fore or aft some.

When it's being overhauled, the main things I know need to be done are adjusting the front derailer so it doesn't rub in low gears and the rear so the chain doesn't hop off the smallest gear (at least the gap is large enough to leave it running free most of the time, so it's easy to shift it right back on), and a serious examination of the brakes & their adjustment. Coming down Spruce the other day was a tiny bit harrowing because I suddenly realized that the brakes aren't as good as the Vs on the mountain bike and I don't really know how well they're adjusted! Oops.

Rachel's back in school today. Took her there by bike & made it pretty fast... 9:08 ride time (not sure of the actual elapsed time) and actually made it to work at a total average speed of 15.8 mph, which is probably the fastest I've done yet.

OK, time to finish the email to J telling them about my concern about their licenses...

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