Monday, August 30, 2004


Our cat, Tom Sawyer, got in a fight yesterday. I suppose it was really Saturday night, but the noise woke me just past midnight. We took him to the vet on Sunday morning; we're supposed to call first, which was a bit of an odd call - are you guys busy, cuz I need to bring my cat in but I'm supposed to meet friends for breakfast in two hours. Dawn and I made it to breakfast, but we're having to keep Tom inside for a few days while giving him antibiotics, and we can't use normal litter in his box - we have to use shredded paper, but he's never had that before.

So now it's been at least 36 hours since he did anything, and he's getting desperate. We've tried the usual thing of putting him on his box, and I almost just locked him in the bathroom with it, when all of a sudden he jumped in the tub. I thought he was hiding from us because Rachel was all over him. 'Til I suddenly started hearing the sound of water going down the drain! I kid you not, he was in the tub, crouched over the drain!

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