Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Write Those Things Down!

First, here's a blast from the past. I was swapping the 48 CDs I ripped the last few days back into their cases and another 48 into the folder to take to work starting tomorrow. Came across the CD I burned as a 2nd anniversary gift for Dawn, which has the 17 songs played for the dancing at our wedding. I had the DJ make a list of everything he played for us; I didn't ask him before he started playing unfortunately, so the list may not be quite complete, but it's got 18 dances, the 3 pieces from the ceremony, and 26 from the cocktail/hors d'ouerve part of the reception. I started to say some things about the wedding, but it's late and I have some other things I want to write about, so I'll have to come back to the wedding another time.

I keep saying that I need to write down some of the funny/interesting/impressive things that Rachel does, but I always forget. Well, here are a couple...

First, a recent one from last Monday. I was working at home for a lot of the day because there was no network or phone (some SBC problem that supposedly affected large portions of Emeryville & downtown Oakland) at the office and most people left anyway, so I did too. Eventually, Dawn & Rachel came home. We talked for a bit and then they wandered upstairs to play. After a while, I'd been hearing them playing, when suddenly Rachel came running up to me, stark naked, and said "I have to do some work, Daddy, OK?". I said "OK", and she ran off. This happened about three more times over the next half hour or so.

Second, another blast from the past. When Rachel was about 10 months old, so July/August 2002, we had a 1st birthday party at our place for all the kids in Dawn's Mom's Group. She and Isaiah, a boy about a month or so older, were playing on the floor; not really together, of course, since they're not really old enough yet. They're both sitting cross-legged, or as close to it as they get, facing eachother when Isaiah starts kissing Rachel. After a couple kisses, he leans back, and then Rachel, who hadn't seemed sure of what was going on at first, leaned forward, grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back over for another kiss! It was hysterical!

Clearly, there are tons of other stories we'll have to keep track of. Once upon a time, we were keeping track of the words she knew. I think we started when she was about 8 months old and we went up to Lake Britton where he was saying 'buh' to mean 'bird'. There were others already. Her first abstract concepts were 'eddie' (empty) and 'wheet' (wait). The first time she used empty, she was sitting in her little blue chair on the counter in our new house, and she had a small bowl in her hand that had, for the brief time it took her to scarf them, held either Os (cereal) or blueberries (which she called 'booorrreeeeeeees'); she turned it over, looked at it, and said 'eh-deee'. Took us a couple of minutes to figure out what she was saying.

When she was about 13 months old, we stopped keeping track of the words she could use, because she already had around 50 or so and we weren't remembering to put them into the list regularly enough. She's always been extremely verbal; when the weekly newsletter I used to get from said that most kids could use 9 words and maybe the occasional 2 word 'sentence', Rachel was using over 100 words and had, just days before, used a NINE word sentence. As Patrice said once, it's really too bad that I'm not a proud father...

I think Daniel once mentioned being totally in love with Fergie from Black Eyed Peas; as I type this, she's being listed as #13 on Spike's list of top 52 most irresistable women. VH1's site is better; when they do their lists, you can actually get the list on their website, which doesn't seem to be the case with this one.

Oddly enough, I seem to be getting a migraine right now. It's 11 at night, which may be a first for me. I think I'll say good night, take a couple of the pills and try to go to sleep. I wonder if this is because I had a pretty large amount of carbs today? A small bowl of cereal for breakfast, with blueberries and grapes; a chicken burrito with more rice and chips than I planned for lunch, and spinach linguine with lobster & tomatos and risotto with prawns and such for dinner (Dawn & I split the two entrees). Also a lemon drop (with absolut cintron) and a chocolate pate with rasberry puree. OK, well, since I can only see about half of what I'm typing... good night.

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