Monday, August 30, 2004

Death Warmed Over

Dawn and I have really been enjoying Last Comic Standing. I'm sure it is staged to some degree or other - would have us believe it's all about the money rather than "the funny" as they put it. Why that's a surprise, I'm not sure. Tonight's show had it's moments. It's a little lame that John Heffron's prize for winning season 2 is about half as good as Dat Phan's for season 1, but it's worse that the new "season" started three weeks after Heffron won!

Anyway, Alonzo Bodden was GREAT and a couple of the others were somewhat funny; Ralphie May answered our curiosity about why he looked so blue during the intros - his dad died last night. I'm sure he'll get some sympathy votes, but no matter what he definitely should stay on the show. Dave Mordal, though, looked like CRAP. A couple of times during his routine his hands were shaking; I can't imagine it was because of nerves.

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