Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Who Wears Glasses?

Rachel lately has actually been reading to us before bed time, rather than the other way around. She pretends to be Vanessa, the newest teacher at her school, and sits on the chair and insists that I sit on the end of her bed and Dawn sit on the stool. Then she "reads" the book to us, including showing it to us pretty much every page. Tonight, she picked a book called 'The Okay Book' to read to me (Dawn was out to dinner with friends). It's a pretty cute book about how it's OK to be different - tall, small, skinny, big, different colors, from different places, freckles, ..., glasses. When she got to the glasses, she looks at me and says, with this very cute inquiring-teacher kind of look on her face, "who wears glasses, hmm?". When I said I didn't know, she said "is it the tall daddy sitting on the bed? is it the man with the phone on his hip?" I just about lost it; thought I was going to die laughing. Later, she got to a page about being skinny or big and started talking about being tall. I suppose the skinny person looked tall, but then she started talking about who was tall and told me I am the tallest daddy in the whole world.

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