Tuesday, August 17, 2004

No Wireless Speed Records Either

I mentioned getting the Linksys WRE54G - Wireless-G Range Expander the other day. I tried to set it up a couple of nights ago and it wasn't working, even after a couple of online chat conversations with Linksys support. I tried again tonight, and now it is working, although the link light doesn't light up blue the way it is supposed to. It's a pretty dramatic difference - without it, I get a 'low' signal at best when I'm up in the bedroom. Now that it's in, I'm getting a full signal.

It is relatively slow, though. I'm getting half the throughput (1.4 megabit as tested at bandwidthplace.com) using the repeater that I am getting on the desktop machine that's hardwired to the router. If I were really getting 54 megabit to the router the way the wireless sensore makes it seem, I wouldn't see that difference. I'll have to try putting the repeater somewhere else. And maybe even see about getting the high gain antenna for the router.

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